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Ad closing date: 13 January | Printing material: 17 January | Publication date: 01 February


plant engineering

Modernisation of the hot strip mill in Salzgitter
Thanks to a long-standing technology partnership with the plant manufacturer SMS group, Salzgitter Flachstahl has so far always kept its hot strip mill at the cutting edge of technology. A modernisation now planned is intended to improve plant availability and enable the product range to be expanded - at lower operating costs than before.

New radar measuring systems for material detection and width measurement in hot rolling mills
In the next few years, steel producers will want to modernise their measuring systems or replace them with new ones that do away with costly preventive measures for occupational safety. Instead of radiometric and optical systems, robust radar-based systems are to be introduced that enable non-contact and high-precision measurement of slabs, strips and heavy plate. This paper presents the experience gained with two measuring systems in different hot rolling areas.

material flow and logistics

Electrical modification of a more than 20-year-old crane in a steelworks
At ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt's converter steel plant, it was time to literally breathe new life into the ageing charging crane with an electrical retrofit. In September 2021, the complete electrical system, including the drives, was renewed in a very demanding and strictly time-limited conversion project. After successful commissioning and trial operation, the crane is now running in regular operation again.


20 years of competence in wheel blast technology
The founding team of AGTOS started with two plants in 2001. In the following two decades, the company developed into one of the leading manufacturers of shot blast machines. The machines are designed in Emsdetten near Münster from day one. All common types, such as troughed belt, overhead conveyor, roller conveyor and wire belt shot blast machines are part of the product range. Since the company was founded, the high demands on the quality of the blasted surfaces and the economic efficiency of the machines have remained constant.

forming technology/forging

Direct postforming of forged structures from the forging heat to influence the microstructure of quenched and tempered steels
In a research project it was investigated how the microstructure of forged components can be specifically influenced by further forming during the dynamic recrystallisation phase. The aim of this combined process is to achieve a particularly fine-grained microstructure with outstanding properties in terms of strength and toughness. The mechanical properties were determined on components made of classic quenched and tempered steels and compared with those of conventionally forged components.

Successful "remote" commissioning of two heavy-duty robots
Manipulators and heavy-duty robots for a forge online for the first time commissioned from its plant in Germany. In the process, programmers control the new machine from almost 7,000 km away. This not only saves the expense of travelling, but also gives the customer the certainty that the machines will meet his requirements even before they are shipped.


digitalisation - control - automation

RWE and Outokumpu optimise energy consumption at the Krefeld rolling mill
The companies have jointly commissioned a new type of power generation and storage system in the megawatt range that helps to stabilise the power grid and increase flexibility potential. It is located at the Outokumpu plant in Krefeld and consists of a battery storage system coupled with three gas engines.

Exchange of emissions data along the value chain
Siemens is developing a solution to efficiently retrieve, calculate and share information about the real carbon footprint of products. The system makes CO2 footprints of products reliably traceable along the entire supply chain

Universal acquisition of digital machine parameters
The BoosterBOX is a digital terminal for use on all machines and industrial plants. With the help of the accompanying app, the handy box can be installed quickly and collects all relevant data during operation. Machine utilisation, activity profiles, machining status, current set-up times as well as malfunctions or downtimes are displayed as clear graphics and can thus be seen at a glance. Based on the precise measurement, individually adapted decisions can be modulated through the use of artificial intelligence with the aim of achieving a sustainable increase in performance.


steel processing

Neckar bridge perfectly shaped with longitudinal profile sheets
The new Neckar Bridge is both an iconic entrance to Stuttgart and a pioneering engineering achievement. The four-track railway bridge over the Neckar owes this status to its innovative design as a steel sail bridge with a span of almost 80 metres. Thick steel sheets were used for its steel sails, which combine a highly sophisticated function and filigree aesthetics at the same time. Longitudinal profiled sheets (LP sheets) from Dillinger make a significant contribution to this result. Thanks to their variable thickness, which is customised over the length, they enable the sheet profile to be optimally adapted to the stress course.


steel trade / steel distribution

Coil handling 4.0
Due to the increasing demand for just-in-time service for steel strip, Robert Schmitz Spedition, a railport specialising in semi-finished steel products, pre-picks the truck deliveries for the next day fully automatically overnight. This is made possible by a Technical Warehouse Management System. It automatically unloads the wagons, optimises the storage of the coils, speeds up the loading of the trucks and ensures that deliveries are made precisely to the hour.


Trade Fairs| Exhibitions| Events

E-WORLD ENERGY & WATER, Essen - 08.-10.02.2022
Zukunft Stahl, Düsseldorf - 16.-17.02.2022


Ad closing date: 10 February | Printing material: 14 February | Publication date: 01 March



Environmentally friendly production of ultra-thin hot-rolled strip
Chinese steel producer Henan Yaxin Steel Group has commissioned an environmentally friendly Mini Mill for flat products. The steel mill operates two EAF Quantum electric arc furnaces and an Arvedi ESP thin strip casting-rolling line. This configuration enables a CO2 saving of 85% compared to the integrated production route. The Arvedi ESP line has a capacity of 2.5 million tonnes per year and can reproducibly produce thin strip up to 0.8 mm thick without the need for a cold rolling mill. Marketable steel coils were produced directly from the first melt.

Replacing the laminar strip cooling system to expand the product range
The Chinese steel company Baosteel has replaced the laminar cooling system on the 2050 mm hot strip mill at its Shanghai production facility. The new 140-m-long unit will enable Baosteel to expand its product range to up to 19 mm thickness for ultra-low-temperature pipeline steels with high toughness, as well as dual-phase and multiphase steel grades in a thickness range of 2 to 8 mm.


Condition monitoring and maintenance forecasts for gearboxes
The nightmare for every steelworks operator is an unplanned plant shutdown. To prevent this from happening in the first place, critical plant components can be maintained with foresight. The prerequisite for this is knowledge of their current condition. Drives can be continuously monitored with modern condition monitoring methods. Proactive maintenance thus becomes a key to greater availability.

Better rolling bearings for continuous casting reduce downtimes
A European sectional steel manufacturer experienced problems on a continuous casting line. After replacing the bearings in one continuous casting segment with sealed spherical roller bearings, the company benefited from annual savings of several thousand euros due to reduced downtime and maintenance costs. In the meantime, all continuous casting segments have been retrofitted accordingly.

control - automation - digitalisation

Web-based visualisation optimises transfer processes in the warehouse
At the Limburg-Staffel plant of the Meierguss Group, the infrastructure of the warehouse with all affiliated departments was fundamentally modernised. Within a few days, the new system was fully functional with all components and has since significantly accelerated the transfer processes compared to the previously used system.

Digitisation of workflows and documentation in retail
After two successful pilot projects, the Carl Spaeter Group decided in autumn 2021 to introduce a new solution for resource management at all 19 locations in Germany. The project, which was completed after only 15 weeks, involved around 150 machines in the preparation department, 200 crane systems and more than 1,000 other devices and vehicles. Since then, all work processes and documentation relating to all equipment can be mapped completely digitally.

More speed in the supply chain thanks to artificial intelligence
With distributed production sites and global supplier relationships, complex supply chains have emerged. Even the slightest disruption or deviation in the material flow can lead to costly downtime. thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe has developed AI-based software that ensures a smooth material flow and reduced resource consumption. This makes it possible to increase supply security, reduce inventories and thus increase production output.

steel processing

Handling steps and inventory halved
In order to make its processes more efficient, the Bavarian mechanical engineering specialist Werner Weitner GmbH decided to centralise large parts of its production in a newly built hall. The storage of the material was also to become more modern. Two UNITOWER tower storage systems now provide a time- and space-saving, ergonomic and economical solution.

Corrosion protection for reinforced concrete structures such as bridges, tunnels and parking structures
Carbonation and constant exposure to de-icing salt can cause enormous costs for the maintenance of structures. To meet the increased requirements in the construction industry, the stainless reinforcing steel Top12 was developed: It guarantees a higher resistance to chlorides than conventional reinforcing steel and protects against corrosion with regard to carbonation. In addition to conventional use in building construction and civil engineering, the new steel is also interesting for precast concrete construction.

steel trade/steel distribution

Evonik wants to give climate-friendly trucks the right of way
Through a joint initiative, Evonik and logistics companies want to boost the use of biomethane gas as truck fuel. Evonik produces the biomethane using an innovative membrane technology by upgrading biogas. Hauliers with suitable vehicle fleets thus have an alternative to fossil fuels such as diesel and are expected to reap benefits in longer-term transport contracts.

Company transfer at rff completed
At the end of 2021, Hartmut Böttche resigned from his position as Managing Director of rff Rohr Flansch Fitting Handels GmbH. For more than 45 years, the long-standing managing director had a good sense of how the company could best develop.


Trade Fairs| Exhibitions| Events

maintenance, Dortmund/Germany - 30.-31.03.2022


Ad closing date: 17 March | Printing material: 21 March | Publication date: 05 April



green transformation

Real laboratory H2Stahl starts at thyssenkrupp Steel's Duisburg site
The testing of the large-scale industrial use of hydrogen in steel production is entering the implementation phase. The use of hydrogen will be extended to the entire blast furnace 9. A pipeline is being built to supply it. In addition, the construction and operation of a direct reduction pilot plant will test the technological leap into hydrogen-based, climate-neutral pig iron production. The total costs of the five-year project are in the high double-digit millions.

Metallurgical gases as raw material for green methanol
Methanol is one of the world's most important compounds and is used, among other things, as a basic chemical and fuel. Methanol is still mostly produced from fossil raw materials such as natural gas, crude oil or coal. In view of climate change, sustainable alternatives must be developed. In the Carbon2Chem® project, Fraunhofer UMSICHT is working on the extraction of methanol from metallurgical gases and sustainably produced hydrogen. After the successful operation of a demonstration plant, the next step will be trials under real conditions in a metallurgical plant in Duisburg.


Modernised secondary metallurgy at HKM
At Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH (HKM), two new ladle treatment stands have successfully gone into operation in the LD blow-moulded steel plant at the Duisburg-Huckingen site. The treatment stands are designed for 5.2 million tonnes of liquid steel per year in fully automated operation and are thus Industry 4.0-capable. Robotic systems take over tasks such as temperature measurement and sampling that previously had to be carried out manually, thus increasing occupational safety. With the help of the new ladle treatment stands, operating costs in the steelworks can be significantly reduced. In addition, the phosphorus content of the melts can be reduced and higher alloying agent contents can be processed.


RHI Magnesita expands refractories production in Rhineland-Palatinate
At the end of November, a new tunnel kiln was fired up at RHI Magnesita's Urmitz plant. The 122-metre-long lightweight kiln is the heart of the modern production of refractory bricks, which are also used in the steel industry for the fire-resistant lining of aggregates. The commissioning of the new tunnel kiln goes hand in hand with the digital expansion of the site and new jobs for the region.

plant engineering

High-precision radar sensors and radar measuring systems for hot strip mills
Equipping hot strip mills with precise, accurate and robust measuring systems is an elementary prerequisite for improving product quality and reducing energy consumption, as well as increasing the service life of the equipment. For this purpose, a multidisciplinary consortium is working on the development of radar-based measuring systems for hot strip rolling mills. This development is taking place within the framework of the funded research and development project RAD-Energy for more resource and energy efficiency.

quality management

New testing centre in Linz: voestalpine puts global showcase project into operation
The Steel Division of voestalpine produces high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels at its Linz site. These steels are used in the premium automotive industry, among others, and must meet the most stringent quality requirements. Since February, the comprehensive testing and approval processes for cold-rolled products have been taking place in a newly built state-of-the-art testing centre, with which voestalpine aims to play a pioneering role in terms of digitalisation, automation and forward-looking work organisation. 23 million euros have been invested in this.

steel trade / steel distribution

New cut-to-length line increases cutting performance
A hybrid cut-to-length line with trimming shears for sheets of steel, stainless steel and other strip materials was recently commissioned at a Metal Service Centre in the Czech Republic. With a high degree of automation and a multitude of design details, the combined systems achieve exceptionally high productivity when cutting sheets with a width of up to 2,000 mm and a maximum length of 6,000 mm.

Steel handling in the railway terminal
Steel handling in the railway terminal of Trailer S.p.A. should be simpler and more effective in the future: The new 865 E Hybrid handling crane came into play during the renewal of the logistics processes on site. The company in Brescia, which specialises in the intermodal transport of steel products, is now using the handling crane with magnetic spreader beam, which can easily handle steel products of around seven tonnes, and does so extremely quickly and fuel-efficiently.

steel processing

Corrosion protection for reinforced concrete structures such as bridges, tunnels and parking structures
Carbonation and constant exposure to de-icing salt can cause enormous costs for the maintenance of structures. To meet the increased requirements in the construction industry, the stainless reinforcing steel Top12 was developed: It guarantees a higher resistance to chlorides than conventional reinforcing steel and protects against corrosion with regard to carbonation. In addition to conventional use in structural and civil engineering, the new steel is also interesting for precast concrete construction.

Ruwa boosts performance digitally
Ruwa Drahtschweißwerke AG, a manufacturer of innovative steel reinforcement for the construction industry, has implemented a digitalisation project together with Kaltenbach.Solutions GmbH. By objectively recording relevant machine data during operation, the company now receives all evaluations digitally at a glance and without time delay. The exact measurement by means of IoT and the clear presentation help to make appropriate decisions with the goal of a sustainable increase in performance.

CO2-reduced electrical steel as a sustainable base material for the energy transition
thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel is supplying the transformer specialist SGB-SMIT with grain-oriented electrical steel for E.ON's new digital stations. The bluemint® powercore® brand steel features 50% less CO2 intensity, reducing indirect CO2 emissions for new medium-voltage digital stations and ultimately for E.ON's electricity in Germany.


Trade Fairs| Exhibitions| Events

4. Freiberger-Feuerfest-Symposium, Freiberg - 25.-27.04.2022
HANOVER Fair, Hanover - 30.05-02.06.2022


Ad closing date: 14 April | Printing material: 18 April | Publication date: 3 May


special: tubes - an outlook on the trade fair tube 2022

Leading trade fairs WIRE + TUBE in summer 2022
Düsseldorf's leading world trade fairs are benefiting from a declining pandemic. The new trade fair date from 20 to 24 June 2022 promises the greatest possible planning security for exhibitors and significantly better travel conditions for trade visitors from all over the world. After four years without their leading trade fairs, the professional world will finally meet again live and on site in Düsseldorf to exchange information about innovations from the wire, cable and pipe industries.

Pipe sizing technology for the perfect inner pipe contour
At the TUBE, Dango & Dienenthal will be presenting the laser-assisted sizing of large-diameter pipes for the first time. The PST series machines achieve unprecedented precision and drastically reduce the time required for straightening. At the same time, they enable the complete documentation of the inner contour.

Usability of residual stresses in tubular structural components
Residual stresses can have significant effects on the structure of a component, although they often go unnoticed. Residual stresses can be used to design special tubular structural components, the so-called bistable tubes. Such lightweight components have two stable geometries and can thus be transported compactly and without a housing in a coiled state and then uncoiled for the intended use.

Pipes for challenging applications ... from the former Becker steelworks
For ten years now, ProPipe has been established in the market as a supplier of pipes that offers much more than just "supplying" steel pipes of various dimensions and grades. The focus is on unusual projects involving pipes, for which the Willich-based company implements complete solutions.

Line pipes for hydrogen
Benteler now has seamless, hot-rolled line pipes in its portfolio that support the construction of safe hydrogen distribution networks. The pipes exceed EIGA guidelines for hydrogen line pipes and facilitate the construction of individually designed hydrogen distribution networks. This makes the alternative energy source more readily available - and thus the targeted CO2 neutrality more quickly achievable.

Large diameters, tight radii
H-P Products, Inc., founded in 1945 and based in Louisville in the US state of Ohio, manufactures a wide range of tubular products for the production of large diesel engines, fire engines, construction and agricultural machinery - from air intake systems to exhaust and cooling components to structural components. To bend large pipes in particularly tight radii, the company now relies on a machine from Schwarze-Robitec. With the fully electric CNC machine, H-P Products is replacing another model from the Cologne-based manufacturer after more than 20 years of continuous use.

steel production

Inline ripple measurement on galvanised sheet metal
More and more car manufacturers are asking steel producers to check not only the roughness but also the waviness of galvanised strips with regard to the fineness of the surface. For some months now, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG has been using a new measuring system on its electrolytic coating line 3. The line is the first in the world in which the waviness is recorded inline over the entire length and width of the strip in routine operation.

More performance, efficiency and safety in scrap handling
The Japanese metal recycler Iwamoto Metal Co Ltd was looking for a new machine for material handling that would be more powerful and at the same time cause lower operating costs than the previous solution. The new handling excavator is custom-built and perfectly adapted to the handling conditions on site: with 4.5 m pylon elevation and 132 kW electric drive.

New generation of highly efficient centrifugal fans
Highly efficient industrial centrifugal fans with efficiency-optimised impellers reduce energy consumption and thus operating costs, and they also reduce environmental pollution. Energy efficiency directives must also be complied with in many countries. The new generation of state-of-the-art impellers, the M series, is the result of intensive research.

steel trade / steel distribution

Modern material flow for small batch sizes
Fully automated from the raw material to the sawn and prefabricated workpiece ready for dispatch: the Austrian steel trading company EHG relies on the intelligent interlinking of internal logistics and prefabrication processes. For this purpose, two autonomous sawing cells have been installed at EHG, in which all components from material supply to container and pallet handling are integrated into a smart complete system.

Consequences of the Ukraine war threaten steel logistics
The Hergarten Group continues to build on a constructive dialogue with the steel industry. The war between Russia and Ukraine has rapidly exacerbated the already tense situation in the logistics sector from one day to the next. And it has become so extreme that many medium-sized companies are already fearing for their existence. In the near future, the new crisis could force more logistics companies to close down their operations and thus leave the market. There is a threat of collapsing delivery capacities, which could also be felt directly by the end consumer.

Rounded and pack-wound slit strip
Wuppermann Hungary Kft. now also supplies rounded and pack-wound slit strip. The new pack-wound line, which was successfully commissioned at the beginning of 2022, is a downstream unit of the slitting line, which was modernised at the end of 2021. At the same time, a new, state-of-the-art arrondising line was also started up.

steel processing

First food can with reduced CO2 intensity
Up to now, food cans made of packaging steel have already scored with a recyclability of almost 100 per cent and closed recycling loops. Now, a novel manufacturing process will save a considerable amount of CO2. The German tinplate manufacturer thyssenkrupp Rasselstein, together with the Swiss companies Hoffmann Neopac and Ricola, is launching the world's first food can made of CO2-reduced bluemint® Steel. The three companies, for whom sustainability and resource conservation are part of the corporate strategy, have joined forces to launch the first food can made of CO2-reduced packaging steel, thus making packaging even more sustainable.


Trade Fairs| Exhibitions| Events

WIRE + TUBE, Düsseldorf - 20.-24.06.2022
SENSOR + TEST 2022, Nürnberg - 10.-12.05.2022
5th International High Manganese Steel
Conference 2022, Linz/Austria- 23.-26.05.2022


Ad closing date: 19 May | Printing material: 23 May | Publication date: 07 June


outlook for the trade fairs wire and tube 2022

Leading trade fairs wire and Tube in summer 2022
Düsseldorf's leading world trade fairs are benefiting from a declining pandemic. The new trade fair date from 20 to 24 June 2022 promises the greatest possible planning security for exhibitors and significantly better travel conditions for trade visitors from all over the world. After four years without their leading trade fairs, the professional world will finally meet again live and on site in Düsseldorf to exchange information about innovations from the wire, cable and tube industries.

Fully automatic inline mix-up inspection now also for black steel
A laser-based system makes material inspection possible without prior mechanical sample preparation. At TUBE/WIRE, Secopta is presenting the fully automatic inline mix-up inspection for the first time for the inspection of long products made of black steel. With a detection rate of more than 99.9 percent, it avoids the mix-up of semi-finished products before they are further processed.

More efficiency in the production of rods and tubes
At wire 2022, EJP will be presenting three new developments that make the production of rods and tubes easier and more efficient: a caterpillar hoist for drawing material with sensitive surfaces. A centreless grinding machine and finally the new generation of laser-optical straightness measurement of bars.

steel production

Electromagnetic stirring at Arvedi's new large electric arc furnace
The new 300-tonne Consteel® electric arc furnace at Italian steelmaker Arvedi has been upgraded with Consteerrer®, an innovative ArcSave®-based electromagnetic stirring technology that promises both increased productivity and reduced power consumption. Other improvements include increased flexibility in the operation of the furnace and in the use of the raw material mix, as well as a significant improvement in the yield of metallic feedstock.

Çolakoğlu sets two ladle metallurgy world records
A vacuum oxygen decarburisation (VOD) plant recently realised a batch size of 298.2 tonnes, which is a world record in the history of steelmaking. The treated steel also had a carbon content of only 5 ppm - another world record for VOD plants. Both records were achieved at the Turkish steel producer Çolakoğlu's plant in Dilovası, about 60 kilometres southeast of Istanbul.

Efficiency and a green future: Steeltec has invested 60 million euros in its Emmenbrücke site
Electric steel specialist Steeltec, a member of the Swiss Steel Group, has invested around 60 million euros in a new walking beam furnace and other equipment at its rolling mill in Emmenbrücke near Lucerne in Switzerland, making it one of the biggest investments in recent years for the company and the entire Swiss Steel Group. Overall, Steeltec is reducing its CO2 emissions by just under 10% a year with the innovations in the rolling mill.

Hydrogen plasma showcase project for green steel production
As part of the "Sustainable Steelmaking" (SuSteel) research project, the use of hydrogen plasma for a CO2-neutral steel production process is being investigated in a new test facility at voestalpine's Donawitz site. In a special electric arc furnace, hydrogen plasma is used to simultaneously reduce iron ore and smelt it into crude steel. The use of green electricity and hydrogen as a reducing agent offers the advantage that only water vapour is produced as an end product and CO2 emissions could thus be completely avoided.

steel trade / steel distribution

Specialisation in prefabrication - Heine + Beisswenger invests in sawing centre
With an investment worth millions, Heine + Beisswenger Stiftung + Co. KG has increased output and quality while reducing the space required and the number of saws. The Stuttgart-based materials trader for steels, stainless steels and non-ferrous metals is thus following a trend in the industry: the service and pre-processing sector is becoming increasingly important for the steel trade.

Digitisation of reinforcement data speeds up delivery times
Database files in ABS format (Absolute Database Software) enable a secure and fast exchange of rebar lists. Instead of manually entering the bending plans as PDF files in the system, as was previously the case, they can simply be read in via ABS file. The time saved is used to check the data and verify its feasibility in the bending shop.

Steel statistics
Outlook on the economic development in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

New cantilever racking system for long products
If you want to equip your warehouse with a new racking system quickly and easily, you should take a look at the new HRZ 30 cantilever racking system. It supports users as a practical all-rounder both indoors and outdoors. Particularly attractive: the short delivery time of two weeks ex works and the individual configuration options.

steel processing

More bite: Wear-resistant steel for knife discs in rotary shears
With DILLIDUR 550, Dillinger offers an extremely wear-resistant steel that sets new standards. Harden Machinery Ltd, China's largest manufacturer of shredding plants for industrial and municipal waste, equipped the rotor shears of a large municipal waste incineration plant with this high-performance steel. Regular wear measurements on the knife discs show that the service life of the cutting knives made of DILLIDUR 550 is up to 30 percent longer.

Machine manufacturer Peddinghaus introduces PeddiBooster
Their passion for innovative ideas and the unique material steel has united the entrepreneurs Valentin Kaltenbach and Anton Peddinghaus for years. As a leading machine manufacturer for steel construction in the North American market, Peddinghaus will deliver every new machine with Industry 4.0 solutions from Kaltenbach.Solutions as standard from autumn 2022.

Surface hardening enables partial wear resistance in steel
With inductive heat treatment of bright steel, the weak points of conventional quenching and tempering, such as insufficient heating of internal material areas, high residual stresses due to uneven cooling conditions or strong inhomogeneities over the entire production batch, can be eliminated. Due to its advantages, induction hardened and tempered bar steel is used as a semi-finished product or starting material for steering parts, in drive technology, linear technology and for fastening elements. The properties that can be produced by surface hardening, such as partial wear resistance, are particularly required in the presence of oscillating component loads or in the field of linear technology.


Trade Fairs| Exhibitions| Events

6th International Conference on Steels in Cars
and Trucks, Mailand/Italien - 19.-23.06.2022
WIRE + TUBE 2022, Düsseldorf - 20.-24.06.2022
SURFACETECHNOLOGY GERMANY, Hannover - 21.-23.06.2022
METAV 2022, Düsseldorf - 21.-24.06.2022
5th International High Manganese Steel
Ironmasters 2022, Wien/Österreich - 22.-24.06.2022
8th ECIC & 9th ICSTI 2022, Bremen - 29.08.-02.09..2022


Ad closing date: 18 August | Printing material: 22 August | Publication date: 06 September



Swiss Steel Group consistently pursues its green transformation
The Swiss Steel Group has signed the SBTi Commitment. This commits the Group and all its sites to take decarbonisation measures and reduce emissions in line with global climate targets by 2050. The Swiss Steel Group now has two years to have these decarbonisation targets validated by SBTi and subsequently implemented. With its 100% electric arc furnace-based production, the Swiss Steel Group offers the best conditions for this.

steel production

Innovations enable metallurgical plants to remain competitive for a long time
Metallurgical plants generally have a long service life because they are usually robust and produced to a high standard and because they are normally serviced regularly. That is why it is also worthwhile to think about modernising the plants. If companies are faced with the choice of making a new investment or modernising, the idea of sustainability in the three dimensions of ecology, economy and social responsibility plays an important role.

Salzgitter Group agrees technical cooperation with iron ore supplier
Iron ore pellets of very high quality are needed for the new steel production process with direct reduction plants and electric arc furnaces. Within the framework of the planned technical cooperation, the companies will examine which prerequisites have to be created for this and evaluate the possible development of iron ore-based raw materials for the future path of steel production.

Tosyali Algerie expands steelworks capacity
After the company had already commissioned the construction of another direct reduction plant, plans for the expansion of slab production have now also been specified. A second continuous casting plant with a capacity of 3.4 million tonnes per year is also to be built at the Bethioua site. The liquid steel required for this is to be melted in another electric arc furnace. Slab production at the new steelworks is scheduled to start in summer 2024.

steel trade / steel distribution

Concept for a global low carbon steel standard
ArcelorMittal has presented a concept for a low carbon steel standard, which the group believes would incentivise the decarbonisation of primary and secondary steelmaking globally and support demand for steel products classified as low and ultimately zero carbon steel. A dual rating system would report a life cycle assessment (LCA) value and show progress towards zero CO2 production.A global standard could provide steel traders and processors with transparency and consistency across steel products and support the development of markets for climate-friendly steel.

Fully automated sawing plant with high-bay warehouse connection
Günther + Schramm, system service provider for steel, stainless steel and aluminium, is implementing a lighthouse project together with two equipment suppliers. In close cooperation, the three partners have realised a fully automated sawing plant with pendulum roller conveyors and a high-bay warehouse connection. The result: an increase in material access times and sawing times for the steel trader.

steel processing

Development, coatings and assembly for hydrogen generation technologies
The Holzapfel Group focuses on technologies for regenerative energy generation. Among other things, the company's expertise lies in highly efficient coatings with a catalytic effect, which are used in electrolysis as a component of regenerative, electricity-based hydrogen generation.  The solutions for efficient, sustainable coatings, which have been successfully tested in various projects, are more important than ever against the background of the necessary CO2 reduction.

First Green Steel Partnership established along the entire automotive value chain
Five companies from the steel industry, the Swiss Steel Group, with its Steeltec plant, the bright steel manufacturer Andernach & Bleck GmbH & Co. KG, the steel trading company Heine + Beisswenger Group, the electromagnet manufacturer Magnet-Schultz GmbH & Co. KG and the technology group ZF Friedrichshafen AG have founded a Green Steel Partnership. This is the first time that five partners along the entire value chain in the automotive industry have agreed to reduce their CO2 emissions as part of a pilot project. With the project partnership, the companies are aiming for a significant reduction in the product carbon footprint for a drive component used in the automotive/truck sector.

System solution for automated material flow
Demag Cranes & Components will provide a leading manufacturer of scaffolding systems with the automation of incoming goods and the feeding of the production areas for processing raw materials in its new plant. The project comprises the automation technology for the handling of pipe bundles, five automatic cranes in the goods-in warehouse and processing zones, including materials handling, goods management and safety equipment.


Trade Fairs| Exhibitions| Events

AMB 2022, Stuttgart - 13.-17.09.2022
Deutscher Stahlbautag 2022, Berlin - 29.-30.09.2022
ANKIROS 2022, Istanbul/Turkey - 06.-08.10.2022
CTSI + EOSC 2022, Aachen - 17.-20.10.2022


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Wuppermann celebrates 150th anniversary
150 years after the company was founded, the Wuppermann Group is one of the largest manufacturers of hot-dip galvanised hot-rolled strip in Europe, a major producer of high-quality pipes as well as profiles made of steel.

GravitHy plans green iron and steel plant in France The newly formed European consortium GravitHy is planning to build and operate a sustainability-oriented iron and steel plant in the Fos sur Mer region in southern France. The project with an investment volume of 2.2 billion euros is designed for an annual production of 2 million tonnes of direct reduced iron (DRI). Construction is scheduled to start in 2024

steel production

Boosting the recycling of moulds with "Return your mould"
In the future, steel mills are to be more closely integrated into the copper (mould) cycle. With the "Return your mould" initiative, KME Special Products & Solutions GmbH is preventing the company from recycling moulds that have already been used, thus not only eliminating redundant paths in the circular economy, but also offering customers an additional option to improve their cash flow situation.

3D surface inspection directly behind the stretch-reducing mill
The new installation and commissioning of the 4-channel wall thickness measurement system extended by a "surcon 3D" surface inspection at voestalpine Tubulars GmbH & Co. KG was successfully completed. With the simultaneous determination of wall thickness, diameter and profile, temperature as well as surface defects at the same measuring location, with the same tube length reference, the surface inspection moves one step closer to the manufacturing process.

Step-by-step commissioning of the new stainless steel plant at voestalpine
About four years after the official ground-breaking ceremony, the new stainless steel plant at the voestalpine site in Kapfenberg has been completed. Since the summer, the facilities have been gradually ramped up, and intermittent parallel operation with the existing electric steel plant will start in autumn. In the future, the state-of-the-art plant will produce 205,000 tonnes of special steels annually for the international aviation, oil and gas, automotive and toolmaking industries.

steel trade / steel distribution

Jacob Bek GmbH opens new production facility
Jacob Bek GmbH has opened its new production hall with multi-strip cut-to-length line on schedule twelve months after the groundbreaking ceremony. From now on, the company can handle up to 60,000 tonnes more material per year. The packaging of the material is fully automated. With the expansion of its range of services, Jacob Bek GmbH is following the "Materials as a Service" strategy of thyssenkrupp Materials Services.

Straightening and cut-to-length line with automated packaging system for high-strength strip steels
At the Service Centre Maastricht in Feijen, Netherlands, which belongs to Tata Steel Netherlands, preparations have begun for the construction of a state-of-the-art, particularly high-performance straightening and cut-to-length line with automated packaging system. Thanks to the new cut-to-length line, the steels can be processed even faster, more accurately, in a wider range of dimensions and in a more environmentally friendly manner.

sheet metal processing / EUROBLECH

Inline measurement of roughness and oil coating when forming blanks
A combined tribological system for the inline measurement of roughness and oil coating of steel or aluminium strips provides two measured values that have a decisive influence on the forming process of blanks in press lines, but which could not be recorded together until now. The unique combination of increases the proportion of "OK" parts and the line achieves higher productivity.

Quality assurance on conveyor systems and in service centres
For the first time, the compact laser-optical system combines high-precision optical measurement of both the contour and the flatness of sheet metal in a single, compact system. The system realises inline measurement on sheets and plates, for example, behind straightening machines or cut-to-length lines.

Intelligent steel sheet piling as simultaneously sustainable solutions for construction infrastructure
ArcelorMittal's EcoSheetPile™ Plus products are made from 100 per cent recycled material and 100 per cent renewable energy. Thanks to a greatly reduced carbon footprint, they are used in sustainable infrastructure projects in Europe. In the future, intelligent steel sheet piles will be able to provide data in real time.

Increasing demand for steel parts and structural steel elements
Proplate Oxelösund AB, a Swedish manufacturer of complex steel parts and assemblies for the construction and special vehicle industries, has expanded its capacity in the area of high-strength steels in order to continue to meet the rapidly growing demand in the German market for corresponding products. In the last two years, the number of high-strength steel components delivered to Germany has increased from 16,000 to 26,000.


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6th Conference on Clean Technologies in the Steel Industry, Aachen - 17.-21.10.2022
EuroBLECH 2022, Hanover - 25.-28.10.2022
36. ASK Umformtechnik, Aachen - 26.-28.10.2022
Hüttentag 2022, Essen - 17. & 18.11.2022

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Follow-up report HÜTTENTAG 2022

steel production

Mexican steel producer orders double ladle furnace to increase capacity of steelworks
A few years ago, the Mexican steel producer Talleres y Aceros S.A. de C.V. (TYASA) commissioned a CASTRIP plant for the production of coils at its Ixtaczoquitlán plant. This resulted in a need for additional capacity for secondary metallurgy. The construction of a new double ladle furnace will now eliminate this bottleneck. The steel plant's production will be increased. CASTRIP is a new type of strip casting process in which the hot strip is produced directly at the continuous caster.

The future plant technology of the new H2 Green Steel complex in Sweden
The process technology for the world's first climate-neutral steel plant has now been decided. H2 Green Steel has placed the orders for the complete technology and equipment for the project. Among the equipment ordered are a direct reduction plant, an electric steel mill, a thin slab casting-rolling plant and a cold strip mill. The plants are designed to produce a wide mix of products including high-strength steel grades (AHSS) and steel grades for the automotive industry.

Step-by-step commissioning of voestalpine's new stainless steel plant
About four years after the official ground-breaking ceremony, the new stainless steel plant at the voestalpine site in Kapfenberg is completed. Since the summer, the facilities have been ramped up step by step, and intermittent parallel operation with the existing electric steel plant will start in autumn. In the future, the state-of-the-art plant will produce 205,000 tonnes of special steels annually for the international aviation, oil and gas, automotive and toolmaking industries.

Entry-level option induction melting furnace
ABP Induction presents a new entry into the world of induction melting furnaces: the ABP EcoLine is designed to facilitate entry into induction melting metallurgy. Easy to order and install, the new models are suitable for small companies, research institutions or even engineering offices that want to set up their own production.

Europe's largest surface centre for pipes is being built in Paderborn
Environmentally friendly surface coatings are the order of the day. BENTELER is therefore investing 1.7 million euros in a new galvanising plant for small pipe dimensions at the Schloß Neuhaus site. With the new plant, the company is creating additional capacity and further expanding its position in the field of galvanised hydraulic lines.

thyssenkrupp strengthens strip finishing at the Dortmund and Bochum sites
The new thyssenkrupp Steel hot-dip coating line at the Dortmund site has been completed. With now two modern hot-dip coating lines and a total capacity of around one million tonnes per year, Dortmund will become the European centre for high-quality, hot-dip galvanised steel products. Meanwhile, the foundation stone for a new cold rolling mill was laid at the Bochum location. This unit will be used to produce even thinner and stronger steels in the future, especially for use in electromobility.

quality assurance

Optical flatness measurement on high-gloss strips, sheets and plates in process lines and service centres
Tech cameras, so-called camera cluster systems, enable precise flatness measurement even on high-gloss material to be measured. Thanks to the high sampling rate and hardware-based FPGA image processing, the measurements are insensitive to vertical displacement and vibration. This guarantees the highest measurement accuracies for maximum quality demands.

Palatinate family business celebrates 45th anniversary
In 1977, Jürgen and Ines Rohmann founded Rohmann GmbH and launched the eddy current testing device "ROTOTEST" in the same year. While the first testing device was primarily used in the aerospace industry, Rohmann has developed into a specialist for non-destructive materials testing over the past 45 years.

Data management and data analysis extended
The more complex a manufacturing process becomes, the more measured variables need to be monitored - and the more demanding the task of keeping an overview of all signal values and bringing order to the resulting measurement data. For the new versions of ibaAnalyzer and ibaDatCoordinator, the functionality of the proven tools has been expanded. At the same time, the iba system is now even better connected to database and cloud environments.


New series of four-row tapered roller bearings for hot rolling mills
Due to the harsh environmental conditions and high mechanical stresses, steel production and processing plants must be equipped with extremely robust and durable rolling bearings. A series of four-row tapered roller bearings with increased load ratings was developed especially for the bearing arrangements of the work rolls in rolling mills. The combination of a highly effective seal with a grease that minimises the effects of water penetration makes these bearings significantly more durable than conventional tapered roller bearings. This increases performance and extends service life under the operating conditions of the steel industry.

steel trade / steel distribution

Klöckner & Co launches new umbrella brand Nexigen® for sustainable products and services
Klöckner & Co is now marketing sustainable metal and service solutions under the new Nexigen® brand. In addition to CO2-reduced steel and metal products, the offering also includes logistics and circularity solutions as well as consulting services. With the launch of the new brand, the first approximately 20 tonnes of significantly CO2-reduced green steel (category "Pro") were delivered to Mercedes-Benz.

Electric multi-directional sideloader in initial lift design for heights of up to 14 metres
More storage space needed? Simply plan shelves and halls higher. For this, however, logistics professionals need safe, space-saving order-picking vehicles that like to reach high. The compact DMS electric multidirectional sideloader can handle loads weighing several tonnes at heights of up to 14 metres. DIMOS has developed a safe, load-accompanying man-up cab for this purpose.

steel processing

Aviation on the upswing
High-performance materials and sophisticated special forgings have become indispensable in the aircraft of the world's largest manufacturers. Only recently, the High Performance Metals Division of the voestalpine Group secured not only a contract extension with the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing, but also several comprehensive new orders for the supply of heavy-duty components. In addition, the renowned Munich-based company MTU Aero Engines commissioned voestalpine to supply highly critical forged parts that will be installed in various types of aircraft, such as Airbus' A320neo, in the coming years.

Forging plant for boules balls
Starting next summer, steel balls for the French popular sport will be produced on a production line at premium manufacturer Obut. For its production at its headquarters in Saint-Bonnet-Le-Château near Lyon, Obut has ordered a 1,300-ton Farina press with transfer and furnace from Schuler. The starting material for the boules balls, which weigh around 700 grams and have a diameter of just over seven centimetres, are steel rods sawn into sections, which a press first forms into discs and then into half shells. These are then welded together, finished and polished to a high gloss.

Environmentally friendly initial cleaning, derouging and passivation of stainless steel surfaces
Stainless steel surfaces in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry or medical plants require special attention, both in new plants and after longer periods of use, in order to maintain the surface quality required for the processes. The preservation of an intact protective surface layer is now guaranteed by a patented environmentally friendly process that ensures cleaning, derouging and passivation without disposal problems. Even when removing stubborn blacking, it replaces the aggressive stain with more compatible substances.

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