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Ad closing date: 30 March| Printing material: 04 April | Publication date: 18 April


digitalisation - control - automation

SSAB optimises cross-border data flow between plants in Finland and Sweden with digital applications
Nordic steel manufacturer SSAB Europe has commissioned SMS digital with the cross-border networking of digital solutions for greater information exchange between its four production plants in Finland and Sweden. The steelmaker will benefit from an improved, holistic information flow of all plant data through the cloud-based SMS DataFactory at its plants in Luleå and Borlänge in Sweden, and Raahe and Hämeenlinna in Finland. SSAB is thus reaching an important milestone in the digitalisation towards the "learning steel mill".

Exchange of emissions data along the value chain
Siemens has developed a solution for efficiently retrieving, calculating, and sharing information about the real carbon footprint of products. The system makes CO2 footprints of products reliably traceable along the entire supply chain.

steel production

Raising occupational safety while transporting slag
The HOT BOX MOVER is a remote-controlled special vehicle with chain drive for transporting special containers of hot slag. The prototype has recently been set up and cold tested and is now ready for use and the first field tests in a steel mill of AGS Europe. It transports the container in which the hot slag from the furnace has been poured, to the slag dumping area.

Modernization of the hot strip mill in Salzgitter, Germany
This hot strip plant has been in operation since 1963 and an intensive technology partnership has enabled the plant to be kept up to date for 60 years. The current modernisation is aimed at increasing availability, enabling an expansion of the product range, and reducing operating costs.

tube and tube making

Preview of the international trade fair for tube and pipe – Tube 2022 in Düsseldorf
After the cancellation of Tube in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in the industry's No.1 trade fair is fortunately very high this year. International companies will present their machines, plants and the latest production methods, innovative technologies, and technical highlights.

manufacturing and processing of steel strip

Wuppermann further expands production programme in Hungary
Wuppermann Hungary has commissioned an advanced double-head side trimmer in the outlet area of the combined pickling and hot-dip galvanising line. With the new machine, the strip processing line improves the overall quality level of its products in terms of flatness and evenness. The steel strip can now be used in other areas with particularly high demands on the flatness of the material, for example by steel service centres to produce blanks with laser cutting quality or in switch cabinet construction.

New laser-optical thickness measuring system for wide strips
A new laser-optical thickness measuring system is unique in that it can measure the thickness of up to 2,000-mm-wide cold-rolled strip without having to interrupt production for frequent reference runs. This new system is the first of its kind worldwide able to perform high-precision thickness measurements on wide strip even under operating conditions that entail high temperature variations.

forming technology

Successful “remote” commissioning of two heavy-load robots
Dango & Dienenthal (D&D) has commissioned manipulators and heavy-duty robots for a forge online for the first time remotely. In the process, programmers control the new machine from almost 7,000 km away. This not only saves the expense of travelling, but also gives the customer the certainty that the machines meet his requirements even before they are shipped.

16,000-tonne forging press works live in an international video conference
Press manufacturer Schuler and its subsidiary Farina demonstrated the world's largest mechanical forging press to an international group of forging experts. A live video transmission from the production facility in Suello near Milan in Italy showed the impressive features of the 16,000-ton press with a stroke of 600 mm in action. It is supplied to the German main factory of thyssenkrupp Gerlach, an automotive supplier.


Technology partnership for 3D metal printing
SLM Solutions and MAHLE are pushing the use of additive manufacturing in the automotive industry. The collaboration deepens the existing cooperation between the two companies and will enable OEMs and suppliers to use additive manufacturing of metal components in series production.

Neckar bridge perfectly shaped with longitudinal profile sheets
The new Neckar Bridge is both an iconic entrance to the German city Stuttgart and a pioneering engineering achievement. The four-track railway bridge over the River Neckar owes this status to its innovative design as a steel sails bridge with a span of almost 80 metres. Thick steel sheets were used for its steel sails, which combine a highly sophisticated function and filigree aesthetics at the same time. Longitudinal profiled sheets (LP sheets) from Dillinger make a significant contribution to this result. Thanks to their variable thickness, which is customised along the length, they allow the sheet metal profile to be optimally adapted to the course of the tension.

steel trade / steel distribution

Blank cutting service at Europe's trimodal steel logistics hub
With the commissioning of a new cut-to-length line at the Duisburg site, the Knauf Interfer Group combines modern manufacturing technology with the advantages of trimodal and thus "green" logistics at one of the most important logistics locations in Europe.

Coil transhipment 4.0
Due to the increasing demand for just-in-time service for steel strip, Robert Schmitz Spedition, a railport specialising in semi-finished steel products, pre-commissions the truck deliveries for the next day fully automatically overnight. This is made possible by a technical warehouse management system. It automatically unloads the wagons, optimises the storage of the coils, speeds up the loading of the trucks and ensures that deliveries are made precisely on an hourly basis.

All storage areas at a glance: SchwarzwaldEisen relies on mobile warehouse management
Controlling and operating automatic and manual storage areas with one system – this is reality at SchwarzwaldEisen in Lahr, Baden, Germany. Two KASTO solutions make this possible: The warehouse management system KASTOlogic and the intelligent app KASTOlogic mobile. The steel trader thus simplifies and accelerates its processes, minimises the error rate and can seamlessly track all batches.

Multidirectional electric forklift truck for up to 5 tonnes
Combilift has officially launched its latest product as a further addition to its range of electric models. In line with the growing demand for electrically powered equipment, the new Combi-XLE combines zero-emission operation with powerful performance for a wide range of industries and applications.


Trade fairs | Exhibitions | Events

AISTech 2022, Pittsburgh/USA - 16.-19.05.2022
wire - Tube 2022, Düsseldorf - 20.-24.06.2022
E-WORLD ENERGY & WATER, Essen - 21.-23.06.2022
8th ECIC & 9th ICSTI 2022, Bremen - 29.08.-02.09.2022

Issue 2 - October | Metallurgy | Materials | Digitisation| SPECIAL on SHEET METAL on the occasion of EUROBLECH Trade Fair


Ad closing date: 29 September| Printing material: 04 October | Publication date: 17 October



The Danieli Green Metal strategy
Exclusive interview to Rolando Paolone
, Chief Technology Officer and CEO of Danieli:
Technology solutions to be competitive in a new, re-engineered and environmentally sustainable steel industry.

Showcase project on hydrogen plasma for green steel production
As part of the “sustainable steelmaking” (SuSteel) research project, the voestalpine will investigate the use of hydrogen plasma in a carbon neutral steel production process. Hydrogen plasma is used to simultaneously reduce iron ore and smelt it into crude steel in a special DC electric arc furnace. The advantage of using green electricity and hydrogen as the reducing agent is that water vapor is the only end product, avoiding carbon dioxide emissions.

Real-world laboratory of the energy transition H2Stahl project starts at thyssenkrupp Steel
The testing of the large-scale industrial use of hydrogen in steel production is entering the implementation phase. The tasks at hand are the expansion of the use of hydrogen to the entire blast furnace 9, including the construction of a pipeline for hydrogen supply. The construction and trial operation of a direct reduction pilot plant will mark the technological leap to hydrogen-based climate-neutral hot metal production. The entire cost of the project to be implemented within a five-year period amount to a high double-digit million figure.

Climate-neutral raw materials for steel production
Renewable, CO2-negative raw materials can replace fossil fuels in industrial applications. Cleantech innovator Aymium has closed a strategic financing backed by leading international steel and metals companies. Investors include Nippon Steel Trading, Steel Dynamics and Rio Tinto.

Charging, melting and electromagnetic stirring solution on the large electric arc furnace at Arvedi
At Italian steel company Arvedi the new 300-t Consteel® EAF is complemented by Consteerrer®, an innovative ArcSave®-based electromagnetic stirring technology resulting in both an increase productivity and a reduction in electrical energy consumption. Additional improvements include increased flexibility in the operation of the furnace and in the use of the raw materials mix with significant improvement of the metallic charge yield.

Inline waviness measurement of electrolytic coated steel strip
As automotive producers are placing increasingly quality demands on the surface area profile of electrolytic coated strip, there is a growing need for steel producers to measure the surface waviness, in addition to the surface roughness. thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG has been using the waviness measuring system from Amepa in an electrolytic coating line. This line is the first worldwide that measures the waviness along the entire strip length and width inline during running production.

A new generation of highly efficient centrifugal fans
Highly efficient industrial centrifugal fans with optimised impellers reduce energy consumption and thus operating costs. They also reduce environmental pollution. Furthermore, many countries impose mandatory energy efficiency guidelines. As a result of intensive research, VentiOelde has recently been able to present a state-of-the-art generation of impellers known as the M-Series.

3D surface inspection directly after the stretch-reducing mill
New installation and commissioning of the 4-channel wall thickness measurement system retrofitted with surcon 3D surface inspection at voestalpine Tubulars GmbH & Co. KG has been successfully completed. Featuring the simultaneous determination of wall thickness, diameter and profile, temperature as well as surface defects at the same measuring point, with the same pipe length reference, the surface inspection moves one step closer to the manufacturing process.

steel trade / steel distribution

How to calculate the CO2e footprint for the entire supply chain
Knowing exactly what is a product's CO2e footprint along the entire supply chain is one of the major challenges companies face when it comes to reducing emissions. thyssenkrupp Materials Services has now developed a calculation model that is unique on the market to date aimed at creating precisely this transparency for its entire product portfolio and its customers: The Product Carbon Footprint – PCF for short – calculator calculates the exact CO2e emissions for each product from production to delivery.

Modern material flow for small batch sizes
Fully automatic process from the raw material to the pre-cut workpiece ready for dispatch: the Austrian steel trading company EHG relies on the intelligent interlinking of internal logistics and pre-processing. For this purpose, two autonomous sawing cells were installed at EHG, in which all components from material supply to container and pallet handling are integrated into a smart complete system.

Rounded and pack-wound slit strip
Wuppermann Hungary Kft., the Hungarian branch of Wuppermann group, now also supplies rounded and pack-wound slit strip. The new pack-winding line, which was successfully commissioned earlier this year, is a downstream unit of the slitting line, which was modernised at the end of 2021. At the same time, a new, state-of-the-art arrondising line was also started up.

Combi-FSE – the new electric sideloader from Combilift
Irish forklift manufacturer Combilift has added yet another model to its now electric range with the launch of the Combi-FSE – a four wheeled, two directional sideloader in both 5,000kg or 6,000kg lift capacity. Over 60% of the company’s output is now electric. The new model delivers on all aspects of reliability, durability, powerful performance and ease of maintenance, combined of course with the quiet and emission free electric operation that more and more customers are demanding.


Trade fairs | Exhibitions | Events

EuroBLECH 2022, Hanover - 25.-28.10.2022
wire South America und TUBOTECH, Sao Paulo/
Brazil - 25.-27.10.2022
Hüttentag 2022, Essen - 17.11.2022

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