13th EEC 2024

03. – 07.06.2024, Essen, Germany

13th EEC 2024

13th EEC 2024

13th European Electric Steelmaking Conference 2024


We are excited to announce that the Steel Institute VDEh is organizing the 13th European Electric Steelmaking Conference (EEC) from 3 - 6 June 2024 at the Philharmonie Essen, Germany. This event is one of the most significant gatherings of steel producers, plant manufacturers, and suppliers as well as research institutes and universities from around the world to discuss the newest technologies and developments in the field of electric steelmaking. Conference chair will be Prof. Klaus Krüger. The EEC conference was invented by the Steel Institute VDEh and was organized for the first time in 1983 in Aachen, Germany. The success of this event has led to eleven following EEC's across Europe, with the 13th EEC planned to take place in Essen in 2024. The conference will cover a range of technology-based topics:

Electric Arc Furnace Technologies
Electric Arc Furnace Process
Melting of DRI/HBI in Electric Arc Furnaces
New Furnace Types for DRI/HBI
Power Grid Requirements and Solutions
Energy and Efficiency Optimization
Ladle Furnace Process and Technologies
Green Steelmaking Strategies