Photo: Stahlinstitut VDEh

26. – 29.11.2023

Refractory Technology

Köln, Germany


Applications, Wear Mechanism and Failures

Directed by

Dr. Andreas Buhr, Frankfurt

Target Group

Maintenance and operating personnel, supervisors responsible for plant and unit operations, and managers responsible for decisions on refractory problems will learn about new materials and installation methods. Refractory installers, third party inspectors and contract maintenance personnel will particularly benefit from detailed discussions on new installation techniques and materials.


  • Steel manufacturing process
  • General overview of wear mechanisms and methods for
    examination of the refractory material after use
  • Refractory lining and wear mechanism of blast furnace,
    taphole, and runners
  • Refractory materials for direct reduction plants
  • Process conditions affecting the refractory lining life
    and the development of refractory materials technology in
    oxygen blowing converters
  • Steel Teeming Ladle: ladle metallurgical treatment, refractory
    stress, materials and lining concepts
  • Refractory lining and wear of AC and DC furnaces
  • Economics in refractory usage
  • Challenges and solutions for continuous casting refractories in consideration of clean steel, automation and economy
  • Teamwork on failure case studies