Photo: TEMA

09. – 10.11.2023


Aachen, Germany



The Benchmark Event for Surface Inspection and Quality Assurance Systems

SIS 2023, will take place 9-10 November at the TEMA Pyramid in Aachen, Germany. Planning is already underway for an exciting and informative 2-day conference and accompanying exhibition – a unique networking experience including regional factory tours as well as an evening dinner and social is being organized.

Discussions will be on the latest developments in innovation and research, shared experiences, quality assurance and in particular, surface inspection of flat and, new this year, long products for steel, aluminum, and all non-ferrous metals. For over 20 years, SIS has been the only conference with an accompanying exhibition worldwide. Visitors to this international conference can look forward to a comprehensive agenda covering new developments in industrial and institutional research, spanning industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and automation.

Experts will also deeply dive into product-specific case studies and share their knowledge, latest research, and experiences. Throughout the exhibition, manufacturers of OIS and OIS components will present new breakthroughs and products.

Leading experts from across Europe will be presenting their ground-breaking insights at this exclusive industry event. New this year, breakthroughs on long products will also be discussed. For two consecutive days, experts from the surface inspection sector, steel, and aluminium industries will come together and share their findings.

The focus of several sessions will be on the user’s point of view and how they can benefit from the latest surface inspection solutions on the market today. For those already using or intending to use automated surface inspection and quality assurance technology,

SIS is a compact source of knowledge and an invaluable networking opportunity. The same goes for those working in the steel and non-ferrous metals industries interested in surface inspection, this is the place to be.

Topics SIS.EUROPE 2023

Trends in surface inspection

  • 3D imaging
  • Alternative sensor technologies and sensor fusion • Light illumination architectures
  • Mobile inspection
  • Full surface characterization

New methods for surface inspection processing

  • Parallel inspection (detection and classification)
  • Deep learning and artificial intelligence
  • Machine vision and pattern recognition
  • Improvement of ASIS performance
  • ASIS assessment and monitoring

ASIS applications

  • ASIS at high speeds, hot temperature
  • ASIS for low contrast defects on strip
  • ASIS on slabs and heavy plate
  • ASIS on long products, as billets, bars, rods and wires
  • ASIS on long products, as tubes, pipes and profiles
  • Limits of ASIS

ASIS and Industry 4.0

  • From inspection data to quality information
  • ASIS data analytics
  • Production control using ASIS data
  • Quality tracking and reporting